Meeting notes: 8th December, 2010

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(Copied from the original Wiki page, for archival purposes.)

The initial meeting of the “Dunedin makerspace” unincorporated society was held on Dec 8th 2010 in the cellar of the Duke of Wellington – we adopted a set of rules and elected officers.

The rules, as adopted are here.

Minutes: Thanks to Luke Stewart.

Present: Michael Hamel, Alex King, Luke Stewart, Aldo Cortesi, Paul Campbell, Michael Foley, Rob Pearson, Luke Stewart, Chris Baxter, Blair McBride, Stuart Crawford, Thomi Richards.

Apologies: None

A draft set of rules where presented to the meeting.

That we adopt the rules as presented: Proposed by Paul, Seconded by Stuart. Motion was carried unanimously.

That the following are appointed as officers of the board: Paul is nominated by Stuart, seconded by Chris. Blair is nominated by Paul, seconded by Michael. Alex is nominated by Blair, seconded by Rob. Rob is nominated by Micheal, seconded by Alex. Aldo is nominated Paul, seconded by Blair. Carried by a unanimous vote.

It was agreed that: Rob is Treasurer, Paul is Chair, Blair is Secretary.

The membership fee was discussed and deferred.

Discussion of the board using the existing mailing list for business. Business of the board will be carried out in open.

Meeting adjourned.

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