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Octacon – How long until we have Star Trek Replicators

Posted by Reece Arnott on May 25, 2012 in Talks tagged with

This is a page where I have collected together all the links for a talk at a small conference over Queens Birthday weekend 2012. The following text is the text I based the talk on. If I had gone through everything it would have probably been a 2 hour talk before even getting to the discussion at the end! Firstly, if you are new the whole 'makers' movement and are a sci-fi buff, check out Makers by Cory Doctorow, available in lots of different electronic formats for free. The handout is available as odt and pdf. The slideshow is available as odp and pdf. This talk is in four parts.

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Bookscanner project Thumbnail

Bookscanner project

Posted by Reece Arnott on September 11, 2011 in Projects tagged with

Here are some notes on my book-scanner project, inspired by This is a work in progress and will initially be a single large page and I'll probably update it and split it into a Lessons Learned (blind alleys, problems, workarounds and eventual solutions) section at some point. If you want something I haven't documented yet just email me:   Vision I am planning on building a book-scanner using 3d printed parts so that the design can be easily replicated in the near future when hobbyist 3d printing becomes more widespread. I want something that

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Talk: 3D photocopier

Posted by Reece Arnott on August 15, 2011 in Talks tagged with , ,

I've finally uploaded the PDF of the slides I was using. Note the static image on the page about how the Microsoft Kinect gets depth information from the changes in how the dots are perturbed by objects. This was originally an animated gif. You can go to the original source for that if you like. Click here for the original blog post I got this animated gif from.

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