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As you may have heard, the Dunedin Maker Space is getting ready to move to a new location in the Northeast Valley. The Allen St Workshop provides exciting new opportunities for the maker space including a concrete floor, collaboration with other like-minded folks, and there's a fibre optic box out front! We'll continue to meet in the current King Edward College location as usual until 8 August when the move to the Allen St Workshop will commence. Stay tuned!

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Sourcing RepRap parts around Dunedin

Posted by Luke Easterbrook on October 31, 2013 in Projects tagged with

Things to note Don't get too hung up on bolt length. Get something longer than required and cut it down with a dremal or hacksaw. Some reprap parts lists don't include the extruder parts, so make sure you read what you need for those as well. Please add comments for other places you have bought stuff or for things I need to fix. Fasteners: (Nuts and bolts etc.) Get them from a fastener shop Hylton Parker fasteners EDL Fasteners You can also get stuff from Mitre 10 or Bunnings but it costs a bit more for some things and not everything is available. 8mm Threaded rod Can ge

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Electronics 101

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I've included here the electronics1 talk I gave this week as a PDF Remember the simple takeaways from this talk: - the relationship between voltage, current and resistance - in particular bigger resistors mean less current - capacitors pass AC and block DC - inductors block AC and pass DC - bipolar tranistors control a large amount of current with a small amount of current - FET transistors control a large amount of current with a voltage Please go and play with the excellent circuit simulator at: try playing with resisto

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Using solder stencils Thumbnail

Using solder stencils

Posted by Paul Campbell on April 23, 2013 in Meeting Notes tagged with

I talked last week (April 18th) and gave a demo of using solder stencils to  make surface mount PCBs  and promised to post useful links. I had my stencil made by Smart Prototyping ( - they offer stencils starting at $20 when boards are made ( Seeed ( also offer stencils for $70 ( I ordered the stencil jig from AliExpress from:

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LED Throwies Thumbnail

LED Throwies

Posted by Paul Campbell on March 06, 2013 in Announcements tagged with

Well we're starting up for the year - in fact we've already sort of started with regular Thursday and Saturday open workshops for the past few weeks - on March the 14th we're going to have our first organised night - of you haven't come before or want to check us out come on down - we're going to make LED throwies in honour of the first night of the fringe festival - we'll have parts for sale - these are buildable by anyone without any prior experience other than ability to use masking tape.   It's that time of year again -

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Fab8NZ Un-Conference and Academic Symposium

Posted by Reece Arnott on September 27, 2012 in Talks tagged with

Here are the Fab8nz conference talk slides that I used for the talk I just gave. Included in these slides are three video clips that can be found on YouTube: - The KamerMaker Grand Opening with a first print of their 2x2x3.4m 3D printer is here. - The making of the conductive ink for a ballpoint pen is here. - The Solar Sinter video is here. There are also a number of other resources that are also mentioned: - Vik Ollivers website where he has blogged about some of his techniques for constructing the "fiddly bits" of a Reprap extruder. - The FabLab Store where you can buy the

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We spent tonight doing a guided build.  We had two goals: 1) Learn how to take 3D pictures with one camera and the open source GIMP software. 2) Make our own funky anaglyphic glasses using Lee colour filters 026 (bright red) and 354 (special steel blue) and paper, cardboard, cheap sunglasses, or our Reprap printer!   Step-by-step instructions are here -> AnaglyphsPDF .  GIMP software is available here ->

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ShapeOko Toolchain and Impressions Thumbnail

ShapeOko Toolchain and Impressions

Posted by Brian Paavo on August 11, 2012 in Talks tagged with , ,

G'day everyone.  Thank you for your kind attention during Thursday's (9 August 2012) presention on my initial playtime with Paul's Shapeoko CNC router.  Paul encourages people to use the router (with care) to MAKE! As requested, I have posted the presentation slides here.  Too late to include in the presentation, but cool tools for CNC folks to use include the OpenScam toolpath visualistion tool at and the ubercool half-tone application that MetalFusion made to convert grayscale images into .dxf and Gcode files so that you can engrave photos into materials with a con

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Octacon – How long until we have Star Trek Replicators

Posted by Reece Arnott on May 25, 2012 in Talks tagged with

This is a page where I have collected together all the links for a talk at a small conference over Queens Birthday weekend 2012. The following text is the text I based the talk on. If I had gone through everything it would have probably been a 2 hour talk before even getting to the discussion at the end! Firstly, if you are new the whole 'makers' movement and are a sci-fi buff, check out Makers by Cory Doctorow, available in lots of different electronic formats for free. The handout is available as odt and pdf. The slideshow is available as odp and pdf. This talk is in four parts.

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Beginner’s soldering Thumbnail

Beginner’s soldering

Posted by Paul Campbell on May 06, 2012 in Projects tagged with

A month ago we did some freeform soldering for beginners, this coming week we're going to repeat the board soldering night for beginners we did last year. Thursday this week May 10th is board soldering night - please bring along a soldering iron of you have one. Last year we built badges with an Arduino on it that could do blinky LEDs, they were hard to program though without a special cable and used expensive 3v batteries. This year we have a new add-on kit that rectifies those limitations of the badge kit - it includes a USB to serial converter and allows you to power your badge from your

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