While DSpace is a non-profit, we do need to pay the rent and the electricity bill for the room. In order to do this, we ask that members pay a small membership fee. Of course, if you’d like to make an additional donation (money or tools), we’d be very appreciative!

Membership rates

Normal membership

Memberships are for one year from March 1st to March 1st, and cost $240 ($20 per month).

Note: If paying one year upfront would be difficult for you, come talk to us about paying less often (e.g. every 3 months). If the monthly amount ($20) would be difficult for you, come talk to us and we’ll sort something out. After all, DSpace isn’t trying to make money.

Students/high school pupils/unwaged

Gold coin donation each time you visit.


If you’re a member, so are your kids.


If you donate a tool you can come and visit with it (i.e. use it) for free any time we’re open.

How to pay

Bank account

Depositing directly into our bank account is the best way to pay. The details are:

Account Name: Dunedin Makerspace
Account number: 38-9011-0215534-00

Please enter your name as the reference for the transfer, so we know who it came from.

Donations box

There’s also a blue donations box by the sink for smaller donations.

Please don’t put yearly memberships in here – it won’t fit.