We’re Dunedin Makerspace – a makerspace/hackerspace in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Dunedin Makerspace is a shared workshop where everyone is invited to work and create.  We work in many different disciplines, learning new skills from those alongside us and sometimes doing projects we could not do ourselves.  We want to see electronics, craft, art, programming, engineering, cooking and all other types of creative enterprise happening at our workshop. The Dunedin MakerSpace crowd are a friendly bunch and someone will usually be happy to give you a hand.


What is a Makerspace/Hackerspace?

A makerspace (or hackerspace) is a shared workshop for working in many different disciplines – the idea is to learn new skills from the people you’re working around and to work together on projects you might not be able to do by yourself – spaces are often shared by groups who do things like: electronics, craft, art, programming, engineering, cooking.

A comprehensive list of worldwide makerspaces is available here.

Existing New Zealand makerspaces:

There is also a nationwide Bloke’s Sheds movement that generally caters to retired men – there are two in Dunedin.