Identify SMD Parts

Post contributed by Dylan:

I recently went away for Christmas holidays and caught up with some old friends. One of my friends had recently acquired a second hand electric skateboard but was having problems charging it. I offered to take a look and in process of doing accidentally put 40V across a couple of electrodes I shouldn’t have, this blew up a component on the board immediately and I sought to figure out what it was.

I couldn’t easily read the remaining markings on the package that hadn’t been melted off but knew is was a 6 pin package, had a D notation on the silkscreen (presumably for diode) and ‘KL’ marking at the least melted end. Luckily there was 3 others like this on the board, they were symmetrical components that all had the marking KL6C8.

I googled KL6C8, diode, semiconductor, array, pcb component to no avail so turned to EEVBlog Forum for help. Within a day someone had replied with the datasheet for the component I was searching for, after thanking them I asked how they found it and got linked to a very useful website where one can look find a component by searching it’s markings.

Author: ian.rees

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