We spent tonight doing a guided build.  We had two goals:

1) Learn how to take 3D pictures with one camera and the open source GIMP software.

2) Make our own funky anaglyphic glasses using Lee colour filters 026 (bright red) and 354 (special steel blue) and paper, cardboard, cheap sunglasses, or our Reprap printer!


Step-by-step instructions are here -> AnaglyphsPDF .  GIMP software is available here ->

Talk: 3D photocopier

I’ve finally uploaded the PDF of the slides I was using. Note the static image on the page about how the Microsoft Kinect gets depth information from the changes in how the dots are perturbed by objects. This was originally an animated gif. You can go to the original source for that if you like.

Click here for the original blog post I got this animated gif from.

Talk: 3D printing

Here’s some references from the 3D printing talk:

First of all Thingiverse where you can find 1000s of things to build and make


The “reprap host” slicing application can be downloaded from

you’ll need a working Java runtime to use it.
You need to download the config file for our working reprap from:

install it in ~/.reprap (or wherever else reprap host stores stuff on your computer). To slice:

  • press ‘load STL’ to load an object
  • drag the loaded object a little on to the be – about 1 square diagonally
  • press the green ‘Print’ button

always quit and restart reprap host between objects – put the resulting ‘.gcode’ file on a USB key and bring it in to print


There’s also a design guide to help you make stuff that prints well:

OpenSCAD – the 3D CAD program I was using is available at:

Instructions for repairing bogus STL files:
You can also use netfabb