LED Throwies

Well we’re starting up for the year – in fact we’ve already sort of started with regular Thursday and Saturday open workshops for the past few weeks – on March the 14th we’re going to have our first organised night – of you haven’t come before or want to check us out come on down – we’re going to make LED throwies in honour of the first night of the fringe festival – we’ll have parts for sale – these are buildable by anyone without any prior experience other than ability to use masking tape.




It’s that time of year again – financially we’re running on empty – time to pay your yearly dues – they haven’t changed from last year:


– $20/month for waged or preferably $240 for the year in advance – we’re still offering a free kit (badge or base) or, this year, an LED throwie pack if you pay for the year

– for the unwaged and students – a gold coin please in the blue box

– if you’re a member so are your kids

– no one will be turned away