Lately at makerspace

We’ve had a few recent “Arduinos for Absolute Beginners” classes on, two at the makerspace and one at Hive – all have been successful and a lot of fun! I’ve found it particularly interesting to observe the different programming approaches taken by older vs younger students, and how well the different notification methods influenced people to bring USB cables and computers to the class :).

Last Saturday, we adapted and installed a fixture from the old location at King Edward Court in the Valley Workspace – the bare copper wires for hanging LEDs!

Next up is Learn To Solder night, tomorrow 18 May 7:30pm at the Dunedin Makerspace. Bring yourself (in warm clothes), and a gold coin koha or better your membership!

As usual, if you miss one of our events, either post on the mailing list or come to the next open workshop and we can often get you caught up.


As you may have heard, the Dunedin Maker Space is getting ready to move to a new location in the Northeast Valley. The Allen St Workshop provides exciting new opportunities for the maker space including a concrete floor, collaboration with other like-minded folks, and there’s a fibre optic box out front!

We’ll continue to meet in the current King Edward College location as usual until 8 August when the move to the Allen St Workshop will commence. Stay tuned!

LED Throwies

Well we’re starting up for the year – in fact we’ve already sort of started with regular Thursday and Saturday open workshops for the past few weeks – on March the 14th we’re going to have our first organised night – of you haven’t come before or want to check us out come on down – we’re going to make LED throwies in honour of the first night of the fringe festival – we’ll have parts for sale – these are buildable by anyone without any prior experience other than ability to use masking tape.


It’s that time of year again – financially we’re running on empty – time to pay your yearly dues – they haven’t changed from last year:


– $20/month for waged or preferably $240 for the year in advance – we’re still offering a free kit (badge or base) or, this year, an LED throwie pack if you pay for the year

– for the unwaged and students – a gold coin please in the blue box

– if you’re a member so are your kids

– no one will be turned away

Availability over Christmas and New Years

For those of you that don’t regularly read the mailing list, Paul posted recently on the schedule over Christmas and New Years time of the year. There’s a lot of people heading out of town, spending time with family they don’t see often, or just plain busy – so the workshop won’t be open as regularly. There will be the odd event on Thursday night, and the workshop will sometimes be open on Saturdays. Check the calendar and the mailing list for details on specific dates.

If you are interested in using the space please send mail to the mailing list and we’ll see which board members are available to open up.